Jun 5

About this Blog

Welcome to my blog and my little corner of the web. I’m sincerely glad you dropped by.

I’ve been ruminating a bit over the direction of this blog, excited about a number of ideas, projects, and directions I’d like to explore here. It made me realize that some explanation about what this is may be in order.

We’re all busy and I’d rather not waste your time if you’re looking for something particular.


What this isn’t

This isn’t a design blog. Sure, I plan on exploring aspects of design here. But it will not be the sole focus.

This isn’t a web developer blog either. Yes, I plan on writing about aspects of web design and development, but it will also not be the sole focus.

It is not an online diary, it’s not a creative writing journal, neither a recipe guide or a tutorial site.

Though I plan on using it for all of those things as well.

Some people like the sites they visit to have a singular focus, and I do too, but that is not my vision for this.

Risking pretentiousness, this blog is about living a creative life and all of the many aspects and avenues that entails. I’m not solely inspired by one thing, or creatively driven toward one mode or medium of expression.


How this Began

This site began as a long overdue re-vamp of my portfolio. As it took shape I realized it was a much needed place for me to get back to exploring, learning, and creating for myself for no other reason than the pure enjoyment of it.

I spend many hours a week creating for others and for some time I’ve put my own creative drives on hold. As deleterious as that can be to inner harmony, it is surprisingly easy to do. Web design and development is mentally demanding and by weeks end it’s typical, for myself at least, to feel as if my brain is a sponge that has been wrung dry.

Start with that and it’s easy to convince yourself that having a work/life balance can mean sitting on your creative ass when you’re off the clock.

Don’t get me wrong, mental exhaustion is real, and one needs to do other things in life beside stare at a screen. I have a family and other responsibilities to tend to as well. Sometimes just having a space to quietly sit and stare out the window is a great use of time too.

In the end I realized I’ve put off many creative drives for too long and that it was hurting me. It became apparent that it was time to get going with it already, to put it out there, to get back to creating for myself.


What this is

So, for all the things this blog isn’t, there are all the things that it is:

  • A place to share illustrations and other digital projects. Not only in their finished state, but throughout the process of their evolution.
  • A place to share the thoughts, experiences, events and happenings of my life.
  • A place to share stories and essays.
  • A place to explore web design and development and to share those explorations…
  • …and whatever else may inspire me.

A note on comments:

While I truly love engaging in creative discussions with others I’m on the fence when it comes to commenting on posts.

I initially designed the blog portion of this theme with the inclusion of the WordPress commenting system. Yet, as anyone who works with WordPress knows,  comments are a huge vector for spam.

I don’t want to deal with it.

I then considered using a commenting system like Disqus. I have two issues with that: One, as much as I read online, I’m not interested in signing up for another damn service just to leave a comment on a website. Call me lazy but that’s the case for me. If I’m not willing to do it, why should I expect anyone else?

Two, as of my last visit, the Disqus plugin seemed to be having some serious issues and what read as a potential lack of developer upkeep. Enough things go wrong in a day. I don’t want a plugin unexpectedly taking down my site.

That being said, if you would like to reach out to me, to comment on a post, to drop a friendly hello, or whatever else, you can contact me using the form here: Contact. You can also reach out to me on my social channels. I will do my best to respond to you as soon as possible.