Sep 15

Zombie Train Progress

Moving ahead with the Zombie banner…I nixed the Story Time idea in favor of the Zombie Train. I’ve started with a series of figures sketched from Google image searches of “subway people”. The image below you was a quick pasting together to organize the individual sketches, and really, to see if they will work together. They’ll need some adjustment, but insofar they look like they’ll work.


Zombie Train Quick Mock


I’ll be taking these figures and turning them into all the glorious ugliness that personifies your typical zombie.

The scan you see below is a test image. One difficulty of these sketches is cleaning them up and then producing the line art. David Revoy has a great tutorial where he demonstrates the way he produces his line art for Pepper and Carrot. The short of it: he saves himself a lot of time and work by taking the line work of his physical drawing and making that his line art. He is able to capture all the fidelity of his stroke while having a nice clean image ready for coloring. To see what I mean, check out his tutorial.

I’d like to use his approach, but I’ve tried something different for this one, and my test image tells me it’s going to work.


Zombie Train Outline Test Scan


The above image is actually a tracing of one of the original character comps. It’s a quick outline on tracing paper that has been scanned. My issue is simply that I’m a sloppy sketcher and clean up makes for a lot of work, with the needed extra step of then producing the line art. While this tracing doesn’t capture any variety in stroke width or taper (it was a quick tracing) it appears it will give me my desired result.

I’ll be following up sometime in the near future with the results of using the traces. What I’m envisioning going forward as well: creating the train environment/background, potential extra figures, and painting.

I’ve included the original sketches, cropped for size constraints and interest, below.