Jul 31

Zombies Banner: New Blog Banner Preliminaries

I’ve begun hashing out some rough concepts and sketches for the new Zombies banner for the blog. I initially had one idea in mind, though while working on the basic layout and composition, found myself interested in another approach as well.

I now have two images I’m proceeding with for the blog banner. Both feature zombies…which are just cool…and reading of some sort.  Hey, I t’s a blog banner.

The initial and first concept is “Story time”.  A zombie reads to a room-full of hungry little zombies.



The second concept is more mundane. “Train ride”.  Zombie passengers ride a train.

The second concept definitely lends itself to the banner sizing. It’s a simpler, one point perspective construction. I can extend the image as much as I’d like, adding in figures to my hearts content.  The left-most zombie will be reading a book, and as the banner scales and shortens this figure will remain constant. I like that idea.


Train Ride Zombies


The “Story time” image presents a number of difficulties with the banner format, with the perspective being the most problematic. Two-point, maybe three point perspective needed for this one…I’ll need to sketch it out more to know for sure.

The story time image/composition isn’t set in stone, and I’ll do a lot more sketching before solidifying anything. With the right composition this image may well pan out for the banner. At the least, I’ll have excercised the creative muscle and may have a great image for use elsewhere.  I’ll update as the images progress.