Huck Graffiti

About the Project

Huck Graffiti illustration

Huck Graffiti is the first digital image I created. I had an old, outdated Wacom tablet given to me by a friendly neighbor and a dusty copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Armed with these tools and a complete lack of how to use them, I dove in and created the image you see now.

This image was the beginning of a move from fine arts to digital creation and an interest in designing experiences for the web.

Project Details

Huck Graffiiti was the imagining of what a modern day Huck Finn could be.

Using a photograph as reference, I sketched out the image using a Wacom tablet and copy of Adobe Photoshop elements. I wanted a charcoal type appearance for Huck, so I used a black and white palette and extensive use of the smudge tool.

The background was a hand-sketched pattern that was scanned and subsequently colored in Photoshop.