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Westcoast Tree Care website

Westcoast Tree Care provides preventative tree care services throughout the Pacific Northwest. Spearheaded by ISA Certified Arborist Jim Mosher, Westcoast Tree Care services include pruning, windsail reduction, deadwood removal, hazard tree removal, and more.

Jim Mosher hired Thrive to implement site re-designs for his Westcoast Tree Care and Mountain West Arbor care websites. Thrive services included site implementation and customization, as well as ongoing SEO and blogging support.

Now in its second implementation - Westcoast Tree Care displays a revitalized and refreshed design.

Project Details

As part of the Thrive Web Designs team, I have provided a variety of front-end services and support for the Westcoast Tree Care and Mountain West Arbor Care websites. My contributions have included:

  • Implementation and customization of the original and updated WordPress theme
  • Incorporation and styling of site content and copy
  • Ongoing SEO support, including the writing of weekly blog posts and website copy

Website: Westcoast Tree Care

Project Views

Westcoast Tree Care website desktop view
Westcoast Tree Care website tablet and mobile view