What I Do

I presently work as a front-end web designer and developer at Thrive Web Designs in Boise, Idaho.

I fulfill a number of duties at Thrive. On any given day you can find me building custom WordPress websites, maintaining customer website support, writing website copy, and more.

You can learn more about me here. To view examples of websites, illustrations, and other work I’ve created you can check out my portfolio: The Work.

I also write a blog, where you can read along as I explore aspects of web design, illustration, and just about anything that piques my interest.

Jason Jacobs Front-end Web Designer & Illustrator

Latest News

Jul 22

I’ll never claim to have a sophisticated palette.  When it comes to food I tend to gravitate toward choices that are plebeian: soups, stews, chillis, skillets, etc. Nothing fancy. One …

Krita digital painting test sketch: Leon

Jul 2

Update: 7-10-16 My initial excitement regarding the use of the Léon images for my introductory journey into Krita was a bit premature.  While I was happy to share the sketches …

Page Speed Optimizations Part 2

Jun 29

Welcome to the second part of Page Speed Optimizations.  If you need to do so, you can read Page Speed Optimizations Part 1 here. To recap part 1: After launching …

In the Works

Zombie Train Digital Paint Detail

Jan 22

Has it really been since September? Gagh! The months move too quickly, and for what I have to show for the Zombie Train…well, it doesn’t look like much. In the …

Sep 15

Moving ahead with the Zombie banner…I nixed the Story Time idea in favor of the Zombie Train. I’ve started with a series of figures sketched from Google image searches of …

Jul 31

I’ve begun hashing out some rough concepts and sketches for the new Zombies banner for the blog. I initially had one idea in mind, though while working on the basic …